Grassroutes Leisure is a wholesaler for Labcraft, a manufacturer of Leisure vehicle LED lighting products. Their low voltage products are a popular for boats, yachts and leisure vehicles.  Labcraft have a track record and reputation for innovative high-quality lighting solutions.

Their products are manufactured in the UK.

Reliable and trusted products for your next leisure vehicle fit out.

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Labcraft CALLISTO 12 V LightLabcraft CALLISTO 12 V Light
Labcraft CALLISTO 12 V Light
Labcraft CALLISTO 12 V 6 LED Light available in different colour options.
Labcraft FLUX (F250CW) LightLabcraft FLUX (F250CW) Light
Labcraft FLUX (F250CW) Light
Labcraft FLUX (F250CW) 

Labcraft APOLLO SVCW500 LightLabcraft APOLLO SVCW500 Light
Labcraft APOLLO SVCW500 Light
Labcraft Apollo SVCW500 Light
Labcraft ASTRO (LL2CW500) LightLabcraft ASTRO (LL2CW500) Light
Labcraft ASTRO (LL2CW500) Light
Labcraft ASTRO (LL2CW500) Light

Labcraft NEBULA (S15CW500S) LightLabcraft NEBULA (S15CW500S) Light
Labcraft NEBULA (S15CW500S) Light
Labcraft Nebula (S15CW500S) Light
Labcraft OMEGA (MX3) LightLabcraft OMEGA (MX3) Light
Labcraft OMEGA (MX3) Light
Labcraft OMEGA (MX3) Light

Labcraft ORIZON (LEDCW500PV3) LightLabcraft ORIZON (LEDCW500PV3) Light
Labcraft ORIZON (LEDCW500PV3) Light
Labcraft ORIZON (LEDCW500PV3)
Labcraft POWER ASTRO Light (LL2CW6-0.5)Labcraft POWER ASTRO Light (LL2CW6-0.5)
Labcraft POWER ASTRO Light (LL2CW6-0.5)
Labcraft POWER ASTRO Light (LL2CW6-0.5)

Labcraft POWER NEBULA Light (SI5-6-0.55)Labcraft POWER NEBULA Light (SI5-6-0.55)
Labcraft POWER NEBULA Light (SI5-6-0.55)
Labcraft SCENELITE (S18) LightLabcraft SCENELITE (S18) Light
Labcraft SCENELITE (S18) Light
Labcraft Scenelite Light (S18) available in White or Black

Labcraft STEPLITE WhiteLabcraft STEPLITE White
Labcraft STEPLITE White
Labcraft STEPLITE White
Labcraft Map Light (ML)Labcraft Map Light (ML)
Labcraft Map Light (ML)
Labcraft Map Light (ML)

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