Which bracket would I require if i have a high top van?

The brackets which are supplied with the awnings as standard are designed to fit onto a flat side which high top vehicles would have.

Can I use Fiamma brackets with Thule awnings?

No, you would be required to use Thule branded brackets. 

Do you deliver Fiamma F45/80 awnings?

We can deliver Fiamma F45 Awnings in both 2.6m & 3.0m. Fiamma F80 Awnings are collection only. This can be arranged by either visiting Grassroutes by appointment or you can arrange your own courier to collect. 

Do you sell an awning bracket for a Reimo multi rail?

We supply a Reimo awning bracket under product code 30682 (Awning Bracket VW T5 with Multirail/Brandup Lift up Roof).

Which side of the vehicle do the awnings attach?

If it’s a UK vehicle this should be attached to the passenger side.

What is the difference between Superflex and Sports Velour carpets?

Superflex is a high quality flexible lining carpet; ideal for lining walls in campervans, horseboxes, Motor homes & other leisure vehicles.

Sports Velour is a high quality with latex backing; ideal for straight walls & panels. This carpet doesn’t have the stretch of the flex.

Are the Trafic products compatible with Vivaro vehicles?

The Trafic and Vivaro are based on the same vehicle - so most products (based on body shape) would be compatible.

Are the Ducato products compatible with other vehicles?

The Ducato, Relay and Boxer are all based on the same vehicle, so products designed to be compatible with the standard bodywork should be compatible across these vehicles. 

What size wheel base are the Mercedes Sprinter Curtains designed for?

These are suitable for the Long Wheel Base Mercedes Sprinter. 

What is the length of the rail for the ready made curtain for the side window 60203?

The length of the rail is 1.2m long, but please note this is a straight track & needs pre-forming.

Will the Mercedes Sprinter curtains fit any model Sprinter?

All the Mercedes Sprinter curtains we supply are for models 2006 onwards only.

Will the Renault Traffic/Vauxhall Vivaro curtains fit any model?

The Renault Traffic/Vauxhall Vivaro curtains will fit models between 2004-2014.

Will the curtains for the Ford Custom/Tourneo curtains fit any model?

The Ford Custom/Tourneo curtains will fit models 2013+ onwards.

What size are the 60221 rear right side caddy curtains?

Curtain length – 35”
Rails – one curved both ends, one curved one end and straight the other.
Rail length approx. 22.5”

Can I run a 12v Fridge off a PMS Unit?

Although it shows you on the front of a PMS unit you can wire a fridge straight up to this, it’s not recommended to do so as this will not generate enough power to get the fridge cold.

Do the Labcraft lights give off a warm or cool light?

All Labcraft lights give off a cool light. 

How do i know whether i need 8 amp cable or 17 amp cable?

We supply two different types of electrical cable. You would use 8amp cable for lighting & 17amp for Fridges & Ovens.

Does the Bonus Charger run on the vehicle battery or the leisure battery?

The 12V plugs into the mains and that can be connected up to either the van’s battery or the leisure battery.

Grassroutes Leisure
How do i apply for a trade account?

Grassroutes Leisure is a trade wolesaler of products and accessories to the leisure vehicle sector. To apply for a trade account, visit this page: https://www.grassroutesleisure.co.uk/register

Once you complete the web form, we will review the application (typically within one hour) and notify you via email when your acount has been approved. 

Where do you source your products from?

Grassroutes Leisure works with the market leading maufacturers in the leisure vehicle products sector. We select the very best premium products from globally respected brands. A large number of these products are manufactured in Europe and the UK.

Can I visit the warehouse and purchase products?

As a trade customer, you are able to visit our warehouse to place orders and collect pre-ordered items. Please contact customer services in advance of your visit.

What’s the difference between Propex HS2000 & HS2000E?

The Propex HS2000 is just run off the 12v/24v but the HS2000E is Electric or Gas.

My Propex Heater has 5 flashing lights appearing, is this faulty?

If your Propex Heater has 5 lights flashing, the unit just needs resetting. To do this, you need to turn the temperature gauge up to high & then switch the unit on/off/on which will reset the unit.

What is the difference between Propex HS2000 and HS2000E?

The Propex HS2000 is just run off the 12v/24v but the HS2000E is Electric or Gas.

Does the Propex 2000E come with everything i need to fit it?

The Propex 2000/E comes as a complete kit. If you require 2 outlets you’d be required to purchase a double outlet kit (Product codes 30217-2000)

Internal Fittings
What thickness of wood do the 15 mm and 22 mm push buttons fit?

15/22 mm push buttons fit to wood thicknesses between 12-19 mm.

Do the thermal blinds come with suction cups?

Yes! Our range of thermal blinds do come with suction cups included.

What model are the Mercedes Vito thermal blinds compatible with?

The Mercedes Vito thermal blinds are compatible with models between the year 2004 - 2014.

Do you sell RIB Seat / Beds?

Grassroutes have a limited number of RIB Altair 120 Seat / Beds un-upholstered or upholstered at request.

Please follow the link below to find all specific item detail.



Kitchen Appliances
What tap is required for the Dometic MO9722 Sink & Two Burner Hob Combi?

The tap required for this unit is the Comet Florenza Single Lever Fold Down Mixer. This tap comes in two versions, cold only or hot & cold. 



Are all Dometic/Smev sinks supplied with wastes?

All Dometic/Smev sink units are supplied with a waste. 

Can you buy replacement handles for the the Dometic Oven/Grill?

We supply replacement handles for Dometic oven grills. Product code for the handle is 10102.

Which tap is required for the CAN FL1400/FL1410 Two burner Hob/Sink Combi - Single Lid?

The recommended tap for this unit is the Comet ARONA Fold Down Single Lever Tap. This is supplied in two versions, cold only or hot & cold.

Which taps are required for the Dometic MO9222?

The taps we would recommend to use would be the Comet florenza Fold down tap. We offer a few options for the taps, 70004c (cold only), 70004cpk (cold only packed) & 70004pk (Hot & Cold).

Do the Comet Florenza taps come with a microswitch?

All of the Comet Florenza taps come fitted with a microswitch.

Are all SMEV sinks supplied with wastes and taps?

Smev sinks are supplied with wastes but not the taps.

Which waste pipe do i need for sink wastes?

The pipe required for the sink wastes would be the 20.5mm convoluted hose (product code 30177) which is sold per the roll or per metre.

What gas is required for SMEV and CAN burners?

Both Smev & Can units can be run off Butane, Propane or Camping gas.

Can you connect a 12v fridge to a PMS?

No- the PMS is not powerful enough to run a fridge correctly. The fridge needs to be connected to the leisure battery.

What tap fits the Can Foldy LC1701 round hob/sink unit?

The Can Mixer tap 70019 fits this unit.

What tap fits the FL1323/FL1401 Can range of sink/hob combos?

The Comet Arona tap (70022) fits these units.

Can I buy a replacement dometic oven handle?

Yes, we stock replacement oven handles suitable for ovens/mini grill.   Part no. 10102.

What does 'Safety Ignition System' mean?

The safety ignition system will detect if the flame goes out and gas is on. It will shut the gas off.

What tap do you need for a DOMETIC 8821 (10120)?

The ideal tap for the Dometic 8821 is product code 70004C - Cold only fold down tap.

Do the lockable gas bottle boxes need venting

Both sized lockers will need venting to let any excess gas out.

What size is the lip on the gas lockers

The lip on the lockers is around 50mm

Seat Swivels
Are the Sportscraft seat swivels safety tested?

All the Sportscraft seat swivels are TUV approved & crash tested.

What size is our trim?

All the trims we supply are 15mm - to be used with the Vohringer board.

How to store trim?

When the trim has been left in the cold for too long it can become difficult to use and will snap and chip easily. If customers have this issue, the best advice is to store it somewhere warm for a while (e.g. an airing cupboard) and then try using it again later on.

Things to consider: Do not clean/wipe down the trim with a thinner or acetone product as this could lead to the colouring on the trim coming off.

What’s required for cutting Vohringer board?

For cutting the board you require product code 60021 (trend cutter 5 mm). For routing out the slot for trim your require 60024 (arbour), 60025 (bearing) & 60023 (2mm slotter).

What size are the Vohringer sheets?

The Vohringer sheets are quoted to be 8ft x 4ft. All the information for Vohringer can be found in our catalogue.

Is the Vohringer board waterproof?

If the ply is sealed correctly, then it will be water resistant and suitable for using in a wet room or bathroom.

What is required for cutting Vohringer board?

For cutting the board you require product code 60021 (trend cutter 5 mm). For routing out the slot for trim your require 60024 (arbor), 60025 (bearing) & 60023 (2mm slotter).

Is Vohringer board veneered on both sides?

Only the 15mm is veneered both sides & the 3mm is veneered only on one side.

Is there a minimum order for Vohringer boards for delivery?

For 15mm Vohringer boards we have a minimum quantity of three sheets. If the customer only wants one or two boards we can offer packer boards, which are a plain 15mm sheet of ply. If a customer only wants 3mm boards they would be required to have two packer boards or two sheets of 15mm as the 3mm easily damages on its own.

Can I collect Vohringer from Grassroutes

We Allow customers to collect sheets from us & we have no minimum sheet quantity or the 15mm & 3mm but please note that we wouldn’t be liable if these sheets get damaged in their own transportation. For collections, we would require you to call and book a collection slot before arriving. 

Do i have to cut Vohringer board with a router cutter?

To cut the Vohringer board you can either cut the board with a router cutter or a circular saw. If you choose to cut the board with a router cutter you would be required to use a template with this. If the customer chooses to use a circular saw we would recommend they use a fine cutting blade for a better cutting finish.

Do you sell off cuts of Vohringer board?

Grassroutes offer a vast range of finishes in 15mm and 3mm inperfected boards at a discounted price.

Inperfections include the following;

Scratch one side of double sided board, 20-30mm pallet banding marking and under/ over lamination.

Please call customer services on 01963824792 to retrieve current stock levels.


What dimension is the Vohringer board?

All finishes in the 15mm and 3mm Vohringer ply board are measured at 8ft x 4ft.


How can i tell which side toliet i need for the Thetford c402c

It can be confusing when trying to decide whether they need the left hand or right hand toilet and many are unsure how to tell the difference. The logic is that if the waste is on the left then they need the left hand model. And if the waste is on the right then they need the right hand model. Also another way of telling is by sitting on the toilet & seeing which side the waste is removed from & that will determine whether it’s left or right.

Do you need to use a micro switched tap for the Dometic pressure pumps 12v/24v?

The pressure flow pumps are fitted with pressure switch so will automatically cut out when the pressure is reached.

What is the difference between 20.5 mm and 40 mm convoluted hose?

20.5mm convoluted hose is used for kitchen sink wastes & 40mm hose would be used for the wastes on a shower tray.

Does the Fiamma Aqua 8 have a micro switch built into it?

The Fiamma Aqua 8 do have a built in micro switch so can be used with any taps which don’t have these build into them.

Will the Dometic Power Pump shut off when the maximum pressure is reached?

These pumps are fitted with a pressure switch so will automatically cut out when the pressure has been reached.