Charge your phone without any wires!

Charge your phone without any wires!

Yes folks, the future is here. You can now charge a large number of phones without having to plug them into a charger.

[Say it isn’t so!]

In fact, this is not such a new technology and for phone manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung, its been built into a lot of their handsets for many years now. But often it takes Apple to embrace a technology before it really becomes mainstream.

Since the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, these apple products now include the ability for wireless charging.

How does it work?

Within the phone, there is a wireless charging unit which, once positioned above (on) a wireless charger, allows power is transmitted into the phone without the need to plug it in. As long as you place it correctly on the wireless charger, it starts to charge. These wireless chargers come in different styles including Bezel mounted (raised off the surface), Surface mounted which is almost flush with the table top and Hidden mounted which allows it to be entirely hidden under the bench/table top allowing you to add a design mark to the bench (showing the position to place the phone on) but without any visible ‘tech’.

But there is more!

Our latest range of phone wireless chargers are also waterproof which offers the obvious benefit of protection from spills and also allowing you to fit them near doors or actually externally to the leisure vehicle or shepherds hut/studio. Beyond leisure vehicles, it’s also the perfect product to put into waiting rooms, meeting rooms and also cafes, restaurants and hotels – anywhere that people need to charge their phones – inside and outside.


Want to learn more? Check out the range here.

Handsets which have the wireless charging capability include:

iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus, Sony Xperia XZ2


Posted by Grassroutes
9th August 2018

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