Labcraft ORIZON (LEDCW250PV3)

Labcraft ORIZON (LEDCW250PV3)

Labcraft Orizon LEDCW250PV3

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The Labcraft Orizon LEDCW250PV3 has the following features:-

Choice of lighting levels & LED densities - by using high output the Cree LED technology the Orizon offers optimum performance and extended life.  The properties of these LED's give greater luminoisty, offering a brighter unit whilst using fewer LED's to maintain low power draw. 

Quick and easy to install - The LED strip can be installed using an adhesive strip to fixing.

Waterproof to IP66 - The PCB, companents and LED's are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion which protects against moisture ingress.

Low profile design - At just 11 mm deep and 18 mm wide, the Orizon can be fitted in a multitude of applicatons without causing obstruction.


Dimensions : Length: 273 mm; Width: 18 mm; Depth: 11 mm.

Average Current : 0.22 A

Light Output : 277 lm

LED Power : 3W

Weight : 0.04 kg

Temp. Range : -30 to +40 degree Centrigrade

IP Rating : IP66




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