Labcraft FLUX (F250CW)

Labcraft FLUX (F250CW)

Labcraft FLUX (F250CW)

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Labcraft FLUX (F250 CW) features include:-

Anti-glare light guide - The acrylic LGP offers a unique patented anti-glare light guide which dispenses the light evenly avoiding any hotspots, and provides a cleaner and sharper field of light.

Trauma & dimmable options - a chain of blue or red LED's at both ends provide ample illumination for trauma conditions.  The Flux is 100% dimmable when used in conjunction with a pulse width modulator allowing full control over the level of light required.

Slim, low profile design - The Flux is less than 11 mm in depth providing an extremely slim surface mounted LED lighting solution thereby eliminating the requirement for cutting out recessess, thereby saving on installation time and cost.

Dimensions : Length: 310 mm; Width: 90 mm; Depth: 10.6 mm

The following two configuations are available:-

FLUX F250CW-24 Specification:-

Voltage Range : 10-15 VDC

Average Current : 0.62 A

Light Output : 562 lm

LED Power  : 7.5W

Temp Range : -30 to +40 Degrees centigrade

FLUX F250CW-48T Specification:-

Voltage Range : 10-15 VDC

Average Current : 1.3 A

Light Output: 1125 lm

LED Power : 16W

Temp Range : -30 to +40 Degrees centrigade




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