Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)

Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)
Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)
Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)

Labcraft POWER ASTRO (LL2CW6-0.5)

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Labcraft POWER ASTRO featrues includes:-

Long Life, high intensity Cree LED's - The Astro incorperates the Orizon LED strip light which uses the latest in LED technology, offering optimum performance and extended life.  The properties of these LED's give greater luminosity, offering a brighter unit whilst using fewer LED's to maintain the low power draw. 

This POWER LED version has 6 POWER LED's, offering a more concentrated light ouput over a shorter span than the normal ASTRO.

Wide spread of light - The Astro is approximately twice as long as a standard awning light, thereby increasing the spread of the light along the side of a vehicle offering greater external illuminiation.  The angled wash of light to the floor also makes it a perfect light source to illuminate work areas, shelving, lockers and much more.

Quick to install, compact design - The LED strip sit within a slim aluminium housing which conceals the fixings; and with ABS snap-on end caps, this compact light unit is quick and easy to install.

Waterproof to IP66 - the PCB driver, components and LED's are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion, which protects against moisture ingress. E type approved.


Supply Voltage : 12 VDC

Voltage Range : 10-14 VDC

Average Current : 0.28 A

Light Output : 288 lm

LED Power : 3.7 W

Weight : 0.44 kg

Temperature Range : -30 to +40 degree centigrade

Dimensions : Length: 593 mm; Depth: 31 mm; Height: 43 mm

Supplied Boxed.





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