Labcraft WORKLITE (S14)

Labcraft WORKLITE (S14)
Labcraft WORKLITE (S14)
Labcraft WORKLITE (S14)Labcraft WORKLITE (S14)

Labcraft Worklite (S14)

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Labcraft Worklite S14 :-

Long life, high intensity Cree LED;s - using the very best in LED technology, the S14 produces a clean white light which creates a safe working enviornment.

Safe working enviornment (20 Lux) - Possibly the only LED work light to provide 20 lux of pure white light, resulting in less fatigue and fewer accidents.

80% Less energy than halogen work lights - 988 lumens at only 13 Watt, giving you more light for longer.

Waterproof to IP 67 - The tough outer enclsoure provides sufficient protection against water ingress.

For Dimenstions see diagram below.

Supplied boxed.

Specification :

Model : SI4_6-3 MV90

Beam Angle : 90 degree (flood)

Voltage Range : 10 to 32 VDC

Average Current : 12V=1.1 24V=0.55

Light Output : 1300 lm

LED Power 6 x 1.75 = 10.5 W

Weight : 0.5 kg

Temp Range : -30 to +40 degree centigrade 





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