Bonus Power Management System (PMS)


Bonus Power Management System (PMS) - Available vertical or horizontal

Product: 30298

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Bonus Plug In Systems Power Management system PMS3 is a 230 Volt AC mains and 12 Volt DC power control unit, providing all the necessary features or the control of the electrics in your caravan, campervan, motorhome and/or horsebox. This unit is designed to work with a battery in the circuit, for optimum peformance a good quality leisure battery is recommended.

This unit provides the following features:-

Mains 230 Volt AC: Earth leakage protection; Over Current

Protection: Reverse polarity Indiction.

13.8 Volt DC : Fully Stablised Power Supply/Battery Charger WITH short circuit and over current protection. Constant current limit at 12A.

4 Fused outputs, battery condition meter, battery change over switch, pump isolation switch.

This unit is available as a vertical or horizontal unit.

Supplied boxed.


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